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  • harness - Wiktionary

    harness (plural harnesses) ... Verb[edit]. harness (third-person singular simple present harnesses, present participle harnessing, simple past and past participle  ...


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  • Harness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A harness is a looped restraint or support. Specifically, it may refer to one of the following harness types: Bondage harness · Child harness · Climbing harness ...


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  • Harness | Define Harness at Dictionary.com

    the combination of straps, bands, and other parts forming the working gear of a draft animal. Compare yoke1(def 1). 2. (on a loom) the frame containing heddles  ...


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  • Harness - definition of harness by The Free Dictionary

    The gear or tackle, other than a yoke, with which a draft animal pulls a vehicle or implement. 2. Something resembling such gear or tackle, as the arrangement of ...


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