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เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ extruded

  • Extruded - definition of extruded by The Free Dictionary

    v. ex·trud·ed, ex·trud·ing, ex·trudes. v.tr. 1. To push or thrust out. 2. To shape (a plastic, for instance) by forcing it through a die. v.intr. To protrude or project.


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  • Food extrusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The extruded product usually puffs and changes texture as it is extruded because of the reduction of forces and release of moisture and heat. The extent to which ...


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  • Extrusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hollow cavities within extruded material cannot be produced using a simple flat extrusion die, because there would be no way to support the center barrier of the  ...


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  • Extruded | Define Extruded at Dictionary.com

    Extruded definition, to thrust out; force or press out; expel: to extrude molten rock. See more.


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