Zodiac Tri-pH LARGE Chlorinator เครื่องผลิตคลอรีนจากเกลือพร้อมชุดควบคุม pH อัตโนมัติ

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บริษัท วิน วิน เอ็นจิเนียริ่ง ซัพพลาย จำกัด winwin pool 50/230 ซ.คลองลำเจียก3 ถ.คลองลำเจียก แขวงคลองกุ่ม เขตบึงกุ่ม


The regulator is a device that automatically maintains the correct pH value. To do this, the instrument measures the pH value of the pool water at regular intervals using a probe connected to the filtration circuit. Depending on the measurements carried out, the regulator adjusts the pH by adding less pH. The Zodiac TRi PRO version also incorporates chlorine regulation using its LCD probe. 

The additional TRi PRO control module is intended for ZODIAC TRi electrolysers. This device combines two new exclusive features : 
• automatic pH 
regulation • automatic regulation of chlorine production

 Automatic regulation of pH

Primarily used with salt chlorination, this unit measures water pH levels and injects pH treatment if necessary, in order to automatically regulate the pH with acid dosages. Its new pH sensor makes it even more precise, for automatic, reliable control over pool water balance. 
Pod Quick Fix: 
Simplified installation
This feature makes it easier to install your equipment. This sensor unit can be connected to the pipes of your filtration system. It is compatible with 50mm and 63mm nominal diameter pipes. 

TRi pH module = pH regulation function added to the TRi chlorinator

Only operates with the TRi salt water chlorinator

Is mainly intended for salt water chlorination as it can be fitted directly onto the TRI salt water chlorinator.
Automatic pH regulation (acid dosing) to automatically control the balance of the pool water.
"Plug & play" module very easy to install
Regulation equipment placed on the piping using the exclusive "POD" = efficiency & easier installation

* average pool size (m3)
120 m3

Salt generators
 24 Gram/Hour

Peristaltic dosing pump
 1.8 l/h max. With Plug & Play connection on Zodiac Tri

  automatic pH regulation (acid dosing)

pH sensor calibration
  1 point pH 7.5

40mm or 50mm (reducers provided)

Operating salinity level
3,500ppm - Seawater

Power Pack dimensions (HWD)
330mm x 310mm x 110mm

Cell dimensions (LHW)
320mm x 155mm x 11Omm

*Based on a warm weather climate. Adjust for cooler or hotter climates.
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Zodiac Tri-pH LARGE Chlorinator เครื่องผลิตคลอรีนจากเกลือพร้อมชุดควบคุม pH อัตโนมัติ

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